Solid Tiled Conservatory Roofs

A Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof is a stylish upgrade for your conservatory, and an excellent way of creating a room that can be used comfortably every single day of the year.

The bespoke timber frame roof replacement is LABC AND BBA approved, and is compatible with all types of conservatories - whether it's a small lean-to or a large lantern-style design - a tiled conservatory roof will transform any space to suit your needs.

The Tile Roof System supports various conservatory styles

Available colours

Made from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene, composite roof slate offers authentic natural looks without the risk of shattering, fading, warping or cracking.

Metrotile Shingle

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Charcoal


Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Antique Red

Antique Red

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Moss Green

Moss Green

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Ebony


Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Brick Red

Brick Red

Tapco Slate

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Pewter Grey

Pewter Grey

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Stone Black

Stone Black

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Chestnut


Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Plum


Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof - Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Example Building Certificate

All new tiled conservatory roof replacements require a building certificate, once the work has been completed. You cannot sell your house without it. Conservatory Roof Insulation will organise all of that for you, free of charge, so you don't need to worry.

The benefits of a multilayered roof design

Bringing technological innovations to the forefront of roof design, you can be sure that you will enjoy years of outstanding performance from your tiled conservatory roof.

Improved performance

You can look forward to reduced noise and glare too, plus exceptional energy saving performance to help you save money on your heating bills.

No condensation

We wanted to make sure that moisture is never a problem, so our system features multiple layers of protection to prevent any moisture getting into the roof space.

Thermal breaks avoid moisture to dissipate quickly - which means you won't suffer from internal condensation unlike some tiled conservatory roof systems.

Tapco Slate Metrotile