How it's done

See our insulation process.

We use the highest quality insulation material in our projects.

SuperQuilt consists of 19 layers of foam, wadding, and foil sheeting. It provides excellent heat reflection, keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • The foil's radiative attributes were originally documented by NASA, who use foil on their spacecraft to prevent radiant heat loss
  • Provides great insulation with much less thickness than other kinds of insulation material
  • Increases energy efficiency and can help lower your energy bills


Fire Resistance

SuperQuilt is the only Multi Foil Insulation available that has a Fire Certificate. The multi-foil layers use 100% aluminium, compared to a metalised equivalent in other lower quality products.

This video shows how much longer SuperQuilt can resist a naked flame compared to its nearest rival.

Our unique Conservatory Internal Insulation System is installed by professionals, who have a wealth of experience when it comes to installing this type of system. Some companies do not take into consideration possible condensation issues when installing their type of systems. We have a unique installation process, which eliminates the possibility of any future condensation. This is achieved by a system called 'Cross Ventilating'. This process is equivalent to installing 'Trickle Vents' at the base of each roof panel, which provides increased air flow.

We also install two sets of treated timber subframes. The first is attached to the existing conservatory roof spas, this will provide approximately, a two inch air gap, when the 'Insulation Quilt' is attached. Then the second treated timber framework is installed, sandwiching and securing the 'Insulation Quilt' in place.

Finally either lightweight UPVC plastic cladding is installed or it is plaster boarded and skimmed.

Please see an example of the installation process below.

  • The conservatory insulation process
  • The conservatory insulation process
  • The conservatory insulation process
  • The conservatory insulation process
  • The conservatory insulation process